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About us

The Tartarú strives to safeguard the biodiversity of our region, uphold its rich cultural heritage, and pass down its socio environmental principles to younger generations.


A place where Life is spawn

The Maraú Peninsula, located in southern Bahia, represents a sensitive biome of immeasurable beauty and ecological value, with its extensive beaches, corals, reefs, mangroves, restinga, fragments of the Atlantic Forest, rivers and waterfalls. With the intention of preserving this region and encouraging the sustainable use and occupation of its soil, water resources and forest remnants, the Environmental Protection Area (APA) was decreed in September 1997, which includes approximately 42,300 ha of the Maraú Peninsula and its adjacent marine area.

Despite the efforts of Bahia's government in conceiving and  managing the ecological and economic zoning of the APA, the region suffers from environmental degradation at an alarming pace. This is intensified by the sensitive nature of the biome which does not regenerate easily. The impact of the predatory human influence on biomes such as mangroves and sandbanks may be irreversible, as it has already occurred in several micro-regions of the territory. Several factors produce environmental degradation, a complex phenomenon arising from structural problems in the country such as the lack of economic opportunity and environmental awareness, leading to illegal fishing and logging to guarantee vital subsistence.


Faced with the detrimental impacts of tourism, urban expansion, real estate speculation, and the lack of inspection and infrastructure that guarantees the protection of the local ecosystem it has become urgent to strengthen socio-environmental intervention in the form of environmental conservation and awareness.

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Who we are

We are an organization led by the Indigenous Pataxó, activist, ecologist, João Batista, who has been defending the sea turtles of the region for 28 years. He has a deep understanding of the local nature and takes care not only of the sea turtles, but of all the fauna and flora of the mangroves and restinga. As a community leader and popular figure, João Batista inspires, captivates, and awakens environmental consciousness.

The NGO has a board of directors, an administrative council, a multidisciplinary team of volunteers, and members of the local population. All offering their skills and time working in environmental awareness and  income generation across cultural activities and exchange.

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